Our Programs

Internet Governance


We advocate for an internet under the R.O.A.M. principles. That means to work on the defense of human rights, fostering open and neutral connections, with universal access, and with the participation of multiple stakeholders in the debate of policies and governance.
Digital security


We provide a space for diagnosing security risks and for installing secure software. We offer consultancy on threat maps and training in adoption of information security practices and digital protection.
Internet Policies Observatory


We undertake continuous monitoring of public policies for the internet. We take an active role in the different stages of the policy making cycle: identification of emerging issues, formulation of policies, laws and programs, and the evaluation of the impact.


We believe that the Internet must remain free, open, and safe for the exercise of political, economic, and cultural rights. Consequently, we aim to create a security incident response team (CSIRT) that will act to support access and to defend free expression on the Internet.
Emerging Technologies


We work on the analysis of the potential effects on human rights and freedom of expression from emerging technologies, such as biometric controls, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.


Our work advocacy is based upon research on connectivity, network infrastructure performance, network interference and censorship, disinformation and automated propaganda, harassment and surveillance.


We embrace the idea that women and the Internet are similar in nature: nonlinear and self-replicating systems that focus on making connections. In our work, we encourage active participation in interconnected spaces in which women mastering online communication and possessing skills for technological appropriation can disrupt authoritarian practices and promote narratives about the economic and social liberation for the betterment of all members of contemporary society.